Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pace’s online degree completion programs differ from on-campus programs? Will my degree be any different?

Online students will receive the same Pace University degree as all of our on-campus students. Here’s what’s different about our online degree completion programs:

  • They are designed for busy adults who are working full-time or have other obligations that do not enable them the time to be in the classroom during the week or during typical working hours.
  • They are designed to be completed 100% online giving students full flexibility through independent work combined with collaborative sessions involving classmates and faculty.

What is the online learning environment like?

Pace online degree completion courses are taught asynchronously, meaning that students can complete the required coursework on their own time. There is never a specific time of day that students need to log in to class.

While online classes provide the flexibility to plan your coursework around your busy schedule, you should be prepared to spend as much time covering the material and interacting with your professor and classmates as you would in a traditional on-campus course.

To see what a Pace online degree completion course looks like, email to request access to preview Blackboard, our online learning platform.

How much time should I plan to commit to the program each week?

The time a student allocates to a course is dependent upon the course, but we typically expect students to allocate about three hours a week for each credit taken, and it will vary, so a four credit course may take on average 12 hours a week. This will include both individual learning and group collaboration.

What is the average class size?

Approximately 20 students.

How many transfer credits do I need to have for acceptance?

Candidates seeking their bachelor’s degree should have a minimum of 56 completed college credits eligible for transfer. Those candidates with fewer than 56 eligible college credits should apply for the AA in General Arts and Sciences degree.

To see which credits from previous institutions may be accepted for transfer credit, you can use our Transfer Credit Equivalencies tool.

Upon acceptance into an online degree completion program, students will be provided with instructions to complete a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation.

Students may also be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit. Examples of eligible work experience include conducting training programs, creating company manuals, extensive volunteer work, and active involvement in political campaigns and/or public performances.

For detailed information regarding transfer and PLA credit eligibility, please visit our Maximize Credits page.

Can I apply relevant life or work experience to earn college credit towards my degree?

Once enrolled, students can apply for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit to receive college credit for relevant life or work experience. Interested students can meet with their advisor to determine eligibility and complete the necessary steps required to obtain PLA credits.

Examples of eligible work experience include conducting training programs, creating company manuals, extensive volunteer work, and active involvement in political campaigns and/or public performances.

For detailed information regarding PLA credits, please visit our Maximize Credits page.

Is financial aid available to online students?

Students are eligible for federally funded student loans through FAFSA and from private sources.

Can I use benefits from the GI Bill?

Pace University is also fully-approved to conduct college-level education programs for veterans and is a Yellow Ribbon school. If you plan on utilizing your well-deserved veteran benefits to attend, your first step would be to apply for your veteran benefits. This initially must be done by contacting the VA Regional Office.

Please view our Tuition and Financial Aid page for more detailed information.

What computer hardware and software will I need?

Technology requirements may vary for each program. Please visit our Technology Requirements page for program-related specifications.

Where can I get IT help?

Information Technology Services (ITS) is available to online students for phone or email consultations. Although we cannot provide 24/7 coverage, ITS is required to respond to student inquiries within 12 hours.

Additionally, vendors supplying much of the software used in our online courses have 24/7 help desks.

More information on ITS availability and hours can be found on the Technology Requirements page.

How do I request academic accommodations?

Resources are available to students with disabilities through Student Accessibility Services to enable equal access to Pace University’s educational programs, including our online degree completion programs. The University’s commitment to equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities includes providing reasonable accommodations for the needs of students with disabilities.

For additional information on registering with Student Accessibility Services and the process of requesting accommodations, please refer to the Student Accessibility Services website.

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