At Pace University, we believe earning a college degree is an essential step toward personal empowerment and career success—and it’s never too late to achieve this goal. Whether you have some or no college credits, we developed the 100% online Associate in Arts in General Arts and Sciences degree (AA) to help you reach this educational milestone on your own time without putting your personal and professional obligations on hold. We even offer the opportunity to transform your life and work experience into college credit with the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process.

Offered by Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, this part-time associate degree incorporates critical coursework in English, communications, computing, and math to prepare you for careers in a wide range of industries. Our experienced faculty members and career services experts provide you with personalized career support by connecting you with employers, developing your interviewing skills, and creating a compelling resume.

Flexibility for Your Career Goals

The comprehensive curriculum includes core courses that develop your writing, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. You also have the option to choose a concentration in the Humanities or Social Sciences and take a range of elective courses that suit your career goals.

Built for Today’s Driven Students

The associate degree is geared toward working individuals with some or no college credit who want to earn their first college degree and expand their career opportunities. Because the AA is offered part-time and 100% online, students can complete the degree on their own schedules. The AA program is also an excellent option for students who plan to continue their studies and earn a bachelor’s degree to advance their careers even further.

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Individuals with an associate’s degree, on average, earn $300,000 more in their lifetime than individuals with a high school diploma alone.
—The Hamilton Project


Credits required to graduate: 60

Most students complete the Associate in Arts in General Arts and Sciences in two to three years depending on transfer and PLA credits awarded. Students can transfer up to 30 credits from an accredited institution and may be eligible to gain college credit from life/work experience once enrolled. Additional eligible credits can be transferred to a subsequent Pace bachelor’s degree program after review by Admission. For more information, visit our Maximize Credits page.

Required Classes (30 credits)

ENG 110 Composition (4 credits)

This course will emphasize critical reading, writing, and thinking. Students will learn to approach the writing, revising, and editing of well-organized and coherent analytical essays as a series of tasks and learn to develop strategies for effectively accomplishing each stage of the writing process. In addition, students will learn basic research skills, including methods of documentation and the use of library and Internet resources.

English Placement 110

ENG 120 Critical Writing (4 credits)

This course will emphasize the development of argument and analysis as students work with a variety of literary and non-fiction texts. Students will learn more advanced research skills, including methods of documentation, the use of library and Internet resources and the synthesis and integration of primary and secondary sources into their own essays.

ENG 201 Writing in the Disciplines (4 credits)

This course is an upper-level writing requirement. Its focus will be on writing effective essays and research papers in disciplinary modes and in students’ field of interest. It may include interviews, analysis of journal articles, and appropriate documentation style formats.

COM 200 Public Speaking (3 credits)

This course is devoted to instruction in the mechanics of writing and presenting one’s own material. This will include such things as the following: outlining, addressing varied audiences, style, and appropriate techniques of delivery, as well as the use of technology to enhance one’s presentation. It is a pragmatic, skills-oriented course designed to provide a context for practicing the construction and presentation of well-reasoned public messages.

AIT 103 Online Seminar (1 credit)

This two-week course is designed to prepare students to effectively participate in an asynchronous learning environment. You will receive an introduction to Blackboard, the software Pace University uses to deliver courses for this online program, and will learn essential Internet concepts. There are usually several sections of this course available prior to the start of each semester, and you must successfully complete one of these sessions before regular classes begin.

AIT 107 Computer Applications for Telecommunications (4 credits)

This is an introductory course designed to provide students with a basic orientation to computer hardware and to teach the implementation of software applications in telecommunications. Students will use various software packages to create documents, spreadsheets, graphs, and databases and will use the knowledge gained to solve problems and transfer information via electronic media.

MAT 102 Mathematics for Life (4 credits)

This course is an investigation and applications of appropriate mathematical subject matter drawn from algebra, combinatorics and probability, logic, statistics, financial mathematics and geometry.

Modern Language and Culture (4-6 credits)

Lab Science (to be selected with advisement) (4 credits)

Arts & Sciences Electives (7 credits)


Classes for the two concentrations — Humanities and Social Sciences — to be selected with advisement. Students take 12 credits as part of their selected concentration.

Electives (10-20 credits)